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Blue Economy

25 February 2016

Gunter Pauli, born in 1956 in Anvers, Belgium, has created this concept that goes beyond the current “green” ethics in 1994 at the United Nations University (UNU) with the support of the Japanese Government.

In his view human beings should not have any negative impact on the world around them. Inspired by the way ecosystems work, this research initiative proposes cascading food, materials and energy so that our production and consumption system uses all that is available.

Three years before the Kyoto Protocol was agreed upon in 1997, Pauli directed a team of scientists to design a new business model that operates without emissions and without waste.

With his team (ZERI – Zero Emissions, Research and Initiative) in Tokyo, Japan, he created and verified one hundred business cases that respect this principle.
A company that wishes to stay on the market for many generations would benefit from following this approach – although it doesn’t have to achieve 100% impact straight away.
Mr. Pauli believes that his concept will create millions of jobs all over the world in the coming years.

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