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9 May 2016

The “Primo Exporter Circle” implemented by the CCI International Midi-Pyrénées, had invited the CALIDEA network, specialized in international business development, to present to thirty regional companies looking to build their export strategy on April 21st 2016. Armed with this enriching experience, it now remains to them to jump into the water, accompanied if so wished.


The panel of regional SMEs represented various sectors of activity, such as software development, biotechnology, food, jewelry manufacturing, chemicals, refrigeration technology …, demonstrating the richness and diversity of our business leaders in the Region. Some were exporting already, others intending to do so, all enquiring about opportunities and solutions.


CALIDEA's interactive approach, based on a confidential but real business case and export experience, with Guy Barbey, one of the CALIDEA network expert, showed the present business leaders that the export process requires genuine anticipation, taking into account the full range of a company’s issues, such as general management, finance, marketing, procurement, production, engineering through to design, regulatory and legal standards etc.

The business feedback was structured in a “MINDMAP” by Brigitte Matthews and Heike Trentzsch, experts in this original exercise.


CALIDEA underlined that the export process requires the setting of objectives, in addition to business expertise, and a rationale for the export function needing to be defined before launch. More appropriate functions are to check the entire value chain, to measure extra cost, to clearly identify the product-market set. But it is also important to validate production and finance, enhance customer relations by taking into account the cultures of the targeted country and market. With this done, masterering one's company's international marketing, its elements of differentiation and an external communication plan are a must. Not be forgotten is the importance of logistics, transportation, customs, banking systems. Anticipation will validate the ‘market suspicion' and enable to understand why and how to engage on the path to export.


Finally, the various subsidies some of which by the Chamber of Commerce, BPI, Coface or the Region, will to obtain funding for each destination, even though this logically implies proven skills in administration. Once you have decided to jump into the water, monitoring tools will be necessary, as the importance lies in value creation and focussing on best practices, whatever the chosen destination and to ensure good human relations with empathy and without preconception.


Exporting is an exciting and rewarding adventure in which CALIDEA is at your side to provide its outsourced skills part-time and “à la carte”, if desired.